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With over 50 years’ of combined industry experience in Engineering, Recruitment, Training & Development , Employment Services, Apprenticeships & Traineeships across Mining, Oil & Gas, Refineries and Maintenance sectors.

Deployed Workforce Solutions has amalgamated all of this experience to deliver a range of industry programs to ‘Unlock Your Future Potential Workforce”

Deploy Workforce Solutions provide innovative Industrial Site Awareness and Site Induction Programs that simplify your induction onboarding process and grow your future workforce through the infusion of site knowledge & safety awareness, enabling New Starters and Young Workers to transition confidently to any industrial site or workplace.

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In today’s climate we are currently facing significant industry challenges in regards to skills shortages and retention rates across all sectors.

Our future workforce is currently entry level ‘Green” New Starters and Young Workers who have little to no site experience, are often unsure what the role expectations are and are more likely to have just completed a short course to gain tickets but have no actual understanding or experience of working in hazardous workplaces.

Online site inductions give a brief overview of site requirements BUT do new starters and young workers take onboard the information in these sessions? Are they fully prepared to navigate the hazards in your workplace?

Deploy Workforce solutions have developed a series of structured intensive learning programs where new starters and young workers cover a large proponent of basic hazard safety awareness, procedures, risk assessing and health and wellbeing management over the period of 2-3 weeks. Throughout these programs they gain a strong understanding of the workplace and site expectations significantly reducing early candidate drop off.

What we do

Our purpose is to inspire New Starters to be self & safety aware, to build their skills enabling them to contribute positively to industry & community

Pre Start Induction Program

Indigenous Pre Employment Program

Workplace Transition Training

Mature Aged Industry Program

Streamlined Industry Programs

Workplacement & Mentoring

Veteran Transition Program

Virtual Reality Training Modules

Gate Pass Industry Program

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